If all else fails … go to the gym

So Delta says  we are good to go – fingers crossed.  As I said in the earlier post the only issue is the Toronto to Halifax connection but I suppose we are now so experienced at dealing with cancelled flights (she laughs) that we can probably handle being stuck in Toronto.

No flights into LaGuardia today so I presume that means the airport has been badly thumped by Sandy.  Here’s hoping that it is operational by Friday when we are due back.
The uncertainty is the only painful thing.  I know our flight issues are the least of the problems by comparison to those that have beset the poor people affected by this shocker of a storm. However when you are so far away from home and are relying on any morsel of information, it can be tough to think clearly about what to do. We have had a relaxing time here and will try to go into Boston proper this afternoon, now that the weather is a little calmer, and check out the sights.
In the meantime, if all else fails, the gym beckoned and it was good to have a great workout to clear the cobwebs.  Terrific equipment here. Love cross trainers that tell you what to do – just like your own automated personal trainer. Not sure our PT, Bren, would appreciate being replaced by a piece of equipment.

Water and lots of it after an hour on the x-trainer.

About Ingrid Harrison

Professional communicator. Coffee addict. Love travelling.
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