US TV commentators love water

Can’t believe how many of these US TV commentators feel the need to stand in water.  It seems that you cannot gauge how serious is  hurricane Sandy unless you are actually standing in water showing viewers that ‘yes, there is a flood because see, I am standing in it!’

And then there are the comparisons of ‘when I was standing in this same area earlier today it was just a car park or a street and see how it is under water now’.

We have watched all channels, CNN, ABC, Fox and they all have a fantasy with the level of water.  Currently watching a guy on CNN who is standing in water up to his waist in New Jersey and he has just told viewers he has been in that same spot since 3pm and the water has risen to his waist in that time.  Gosh, he’d have to be cold by now!


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2 Responses to US TV commentators love water

  1. Philippa & Brian says:

    Hope all going well at your end and not too much water in the Hilton! Have been thinking of you both; hope the holiday will be back on track in the next couple of days. Take care.

    • Hi P&B. Yes we are fine and hoping to get to Halifax tomorrow (Wednesday our time). Not sure sure how we’ll go yet even though we have bookings but everything is so fluid that it may not be possible- getting updates about changes in flights times etc which continues to create uncertainty. We will see how we go. Certainly a memorable holiday but we are thankful we weren’t in NYC which would have been frightening to say the very least. We also hope we can get back into NYC on Friday whether it is from Halifax or Boston! Will keep you updated.

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