Trying again …

We’re sitting at Boston Logan airport and fingers and toes crossed we are hoping to get to Halifax.

Wishing, hoping, praying – sounds like a Dusty Springfield song – and checking airline departures. Anxious that we can make the Toronto connection and finally be with Steph and James.

The past few days have been extremely frustrating and we are still not sure what we will be doing for the remainder of our holiday.  Our NY apartment doesn’t have power and it is very grim in NYC with LaGuardia airport, where we are due to arrive Friday, still under water.  We are still hoping but will know more by Thursday our time.  In the meantime we are hoping to see the lovely smiling faces of Steph and James and will re-assess our situation once in Canada.

Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and wishes.  This has been an adventure and while stressful at times, we are thankful we are safe and well, and that we are together.  I love my husband for what he has tried to do to celebrate my birthday.  If we are not in NYC to do that, then c’est la vie. Just thankful  we are together and that even though it has been a difficult few days dealing with airlines, trudging airports and holed up in Boston, we have been together throughout.  That’s all that matters.


About Ingrid Harrison

Professional communicator. Coffee addict. Love travelling.
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