It’s another day …

After a pretty shattering day yesterday – waking at 4am to fly out of Halifax and finally arriving in New York at 11pm at night (more of the same, delayed flights and bad weather, this time, fog), we finally felt more like ourselves today. We have seriously thought of cutting our losses and coming home, and still may take a a few days off our travels.  Last week was pretty horrid – we seemed to spend the bulk of it sitting around in airports, haggling with airport staff or being delayed in airport hotels.

Today seemed to get us back on track although we are still pretty exhausted.  Seeing a good basketball game (New York Knicks versus the Philadelphia 76ers) walking from 42nd Street/3rd to 34th/7th there and back, probably got rid of a few cobwebs and lifted our spirits.

Check out the pics.


About Ingrid Harrison

Professional communicator. Coffee addict. Love travelling.
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1 Response to It’s another day …

  1. webbjj says:

    ahhhhhh so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!

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