Memorable memorial moments!

The ‘W’ in Washington DC is for Wow.  This is such a magnificent city and we were so lucky to see the monuments and memorials we set out to see on such a gloriously sunny day. We decided to hire a car and driver and we managed to get around this vast expanse without too much hassle. We went to Capitol Hill and learnt all about Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate, and boy are they proud of their democratic history and legislative system.  Almost made us want to renounce our Aussie citizenship.  Then onto the Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr Memorial (newly-built), the World War II Memorial and then walked up the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial  (not in the reflecting pool like Forrest Gump). Final stop was Arlington National Cemetery where we went to the grave sites of JFK and Robert Kennedy, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Lucky to witness a 19-gun salute for the visit to the Tomb of the Singaporean President even though we thought the salute was for us! ‘Dang’, as Forrest would say.

Here are some pics …


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