Our favourite local doesn’t disappoint

We have found a great restaurant, virtually across the road, called Crispo serving authentic Italian cuisine and which is in the NY top restaurant guide –  it certainly doesn’t disappoint.  We went on the night it snowed because of convenience and we decided to go again tonight because the menu is so superb.

After a pretty amazing Italian salad with a red wine dressing, I had a crispy duck done in a pomegranate reduction and Tony had a steak, medium rare, both cooked to perfection.

There are restaurants all around us and all top quality with great ratings on Open Table (which has been a godsend for reviews and bookings).  Tomorrow, we are trying Anthony’s suggestion, a superior Japanese restaurant, Buddakan NY, which again is just along the road from us and again thanks to Open Table for getting us in.  Because of its popularity Buddakan was booked out tonight.

Tomorrow is our culinary class at the Institute of Culinary Education, so expect some ‘interesting’ pics!



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