New York, New York

Big day today –  went out for breakfast and passed yet more piles and piles of trash.  Not sure what the yanks are doing with their garbage, but it seems very little.  We pass these piles of garbage everywhere.  The photo in the gallery was just along from our apartment.

Went straight uptown to wrest with my (Ingrid’s) demons by going up the Rockefeller Centre, and failed! Serious meltdown in the lift going up and coming down – it is a dark lift that gets pitch black as it ascends and descends so that you look up and watch where you are going or coming from.  Needless to say my eyes stayed firmly fixed to the floor.

After I survived the anxiety attack, we walked around uptown, then around Times Square and did some shopping for us and others, had an early dinner in yet another great Italian restaurant before going to a fabulous play on Broadway starring Henry Winkler – The Fonz – and Alicia Silverstone.  It’s called The Performers and revolves around porn actors. Great script, excellent acting, pretty blue, but absolutely hilarious!

Our picture story:


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