Coffee, Venice and more

Historic day today. Tony took instructions all day from a woman – and not once did he grumble. Yes, our GPS is a female and she got us where we wanted to go and home again without one cross word, one wrong turn or indeed any tantrum – from him!

Went on a bit of a coffee tour today courtesy Anthony Harrison.  Stopped at Intelligentsia in Venice. A very trendy, Chicago-based coffee roasters/cafe with not only great coffee, but heaps of atmosphere – very Bohemian, very Melbourne.  The second stop was Luxxe in Santa Monica which immediately sprang to mind as the South Yarra of coffee/shop locales in a more upmarket area of Santa Monica. ‘The Real Housewives of Santa Monica’ were everywhere!

Of course we made a stop at Venice Beach, drove on through Santa Monica and looked up at the Pacific  Palisades where the rich and famous live, and then made our way back to our hotel, conveniently located near LAX airport.

Tonight is the Steve Winwood concert which we are both seriously looking forward to and then tomorrow, home.


About Ingrid Harrison

Professional communicator. Coffee addict. Love travelling.
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