The beauty that is the South of France

We’ve been here often, but it’s always so beautiful to come home to! We are staying for a few days with friends Basil and Clare Sellers in their magnificent villa in Cap Ferrat on the Cote D’Azur.  It really is the rich and famous’ playground and when you come here, you can really see why.  Just sitting on the balcony of our apartment as I write this, looking out over towards Monaco – the photo below gives you the picture.

Our last night in Paris was in a fabulous restaurant in Le Marais district in Paris. What a food find and what a beautiful area is Le Marais – very fashionable, very trendy, lots of magnificent art, very bohemian. The focus on the food at Robert and Louise is meat – and plenty of it. Beef, lamb, duck – no seafood in sight! Not for the feint hearted is this place. Go with a very healthy appetite. Excellent for all of you ‘paleo-ites’.

This morning we hopped on the train down to Nice, about four hours, but very relaxing.  If only we could get the packing down to a fine art.  There is an opportunity for some IT geek to develop an app that allows you to store your luggage on a ‘cloud’ so that you can just pick up what you need, when you need it, without having to carry the real thing with you.  Please make it happen Anthony Harrison. Up and down those railway station stairs is a nightmare.



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