Gondolas and glass blowing

Today was a day on the water firstly for the gondola ride around some of the canals near San Marco where we are staying. We also ventured out onto the Grand Canal. The photos are typically what we would all expect of Venetian canals and the city’s historic architecture.  We could reach and touch the side walls of these buildings, many of which are sadly in decay.  The gondola ride was a highlight and although a very ‘tourist’ thing to do, we are working by the philosophy that we may ‘never come back here again’, so why not?

A walk through the famous San Marco square packed with people and pigeons  was another highlight.  While people were everywhere, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly as they went about their sightseeing. Cafes line the piazza and on a gloriously hot day it was the place to be.

A water taxi to Murano which is the famous glass blowing district was another highlight today.  Apparently in the 1920s all the glass blowers in Venice were forced to move there because of the fear of fires.  Venetians are obsessive about the risk of fire. For example our hotel rooms do not have irons because of fire risk. Getting emergency vehicles by water, into these small canals would be nightmare and in the large hotels, almost impossible.

Our visit to Murano was fruitful in that we bought some beautiful handmade glasses, a wine decanter and water jug.  We will next see the whole set in about eight weeks!


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