‘Tunda’ over the Emerald Isle

Ahhh, Tipperary water.  “T’is the sweetest water in all of Oireland,” says the other half in his best Oirish accent when we walked into our hotel room today.

If you haven’t guessed, we are in Dublin and have already experienced a quaint Irish welcome from the cab driver who told us there had been lots of ‘tunda stoms’ today.

And he was right. We experienced a fair few of them as we walked around the streets this afternoon, getting our bearings. It seriously bucketed down and was accompanied by lots of ‘tunda’ claps and some spectacular lightening forks.  Sitting under the post office awning out of the rain gave us the opportunity to relive the 1916 Easter Uprising  which is regarded as one of the defining moments in Irish history, because of the rise of republicanism. The post office was the setting for this momentous event.

We took some obligatory  photos of the Spire of Dublin which is a pretty ugly, useless thing in the middle of the main streets of the city, the River Liffey and  bridges over the Liffey from the O’Connell Bridge as well as the statue of Molly Malone who wheeled her wheel  barrow… you know the rest. We are next door to Trinity College which will be on the tourist trail tomorrow as well as a ‘pop on pop off’ bus tour of the major historical areas of this city.

We have also booked a tour to go to Belfast on Monday to see the Giant’s Causeway as well as  a cab tour of Belfast’s major historical areas of political unrest.

Bit of trivia – did you know there is not one Catholic cathedral in Dublin?


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