The ultimate Irish joke

No it’s not limerick time. It’s the trip that we did today to the Giant’s Causeway in northern Ireland. After being told that this  the fourth natural wonder of the United Kingdom, we were looking forward to seeing the amazing interlocking basalt columns and being impressed by their majesty. Wrong. The ‘columns’ were not majestic, well certainly not by Australian standards, and the saddest part of the experience were the tourists who are allowed to clamber all over this World Heritage site.

But our disappointment in the geological attraction was not replicated when we went into Belfast.  There we took a black cab tour of the political hotspots of the city and saw first hand the Shankill Road (Protestant) and Falls Road (Catholic)  areas which were the scene of many violent clashes. Our guides were amazing in their grasp of and passion for Irish politics.  There was no doubt we received a one-sided version of what has occurred since the Battle of the Boyne however it was an excellent way to refresh our knowledge and to understand the experiences of both arguments in this long,  bloody and fruitless war.



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