Paris the city of love … except for the traffic

The drive from Beaune to Paris was uneventful – plenty of freeway, tolls and nothing much else. However hitting Paris was another level altogether. Traffic. Traffic. And more traffic. And our GPS let us down horrendously. Yes it got us to the Marais district and within a stone’s throw of our apartment hotel, but could we find it? No. We asked who we thought was a friendly policeman however as we started to speak in our year 12 French, he stopped us mid sentence and asked us to at least say ‘Bonjour’ before he would answer our question.  Arrogant so and so.  Doesn’t he know who we are? Anyway, to better news, on returning the car and then walking the 40 minutes back to the hotel (20 minutes quicker than it took to drive there), the other half took a number of shots which we share with you now. The riot police were at the ready in case Tony’s driving upset the Parisian motorists. Actually, the cops were preparing for a socialist demonstration march. The raspberry tart was Tony’s indulgence for the day. And the pic of Costa Coffee and Starbucks is for my son because he knows this is where I am NOT going to have coffee. Ever. Even if/when I’m desperate.


About Ingrid Harrison

Professional communicator. Coffee addict. Love travelling.
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