Shopping … because we may never pass this way again

One of Tony’s former bosses, ex-Tasmanian premier Doug Lowe had a great philosophy travelling and checking everything out. “We must go in because we may never pass this way again.” Well it didn’t actually relate to shopping, it was more about visiting all of the churches of the world. However have taken his words on board literally since that moment, many years ago. We make sure that saying relates to everything, particularly shopping.

So today was the day. What took particular fancy was the Lego store in the Les Halles, which is a massive shopping complex literally next door to us, and which we hadn’t discovered  properly till today.

We came back from our trip down the main strip of the Marais to deposit this morning’s bags of goodies, and then thought we’d check out this adjacent building which looked like a sporting stadium. Imagine our surprise to find everything in it, including Nike and Sephora.  And to think I trudged up the Champs Elysees to find the latter. Our biggest treat was the Lego store. And so most of our photos relate to the amazing constructions in Lego in its Les Halles store. A dragon and a dinosaur, especially for Lucas, our grandson. And a Ferrari for our son. Photos only by the way. The blocks are too big to transport. A beautiful construction of the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame make it hard to believe these are all made out of Lego blocks. The panorama of the billboard is of an addition to the complex for a proposed Nelson Mandela memorial garden due to be completed next year, that is if there are not too many strikes beforehand. Oh, and of course there’s the obligatory coffee pic. I’m having a great time with lots of espresso coffees which make life bearable when you’re away from the coffee capital of our country, Melbourne.




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