In Toronto on the way to Halifax – finally!!!

Huge plus.  We have made it to Toronto and are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Halifax.  Great relief to actually get a connecting flight because this was our problem on Sunday.  When we arrived in Boston from New York, Air Canada wouldn’t honour our ticket and so therefore we had to stay put at the Hilton at the airport until the weather subsided.  Boston was certainly hit hard with pelting rain and high windes but we were safe inside a beautiful hotel.

Soon we will see Steph and James in Halifax and if we have to stay there longer till we can get back to NYC, then we are not concerned.  A birthday celebration in Halifax is a good thing! Our apartment should be reconnected tomorrow (Thursday) our time but the next issue  we have to contend with is the flight into LaGuardia which has copped a heap of water so we are not sure whether Delta will/can divert to JFK or cancel.  Fingers crossed.

It’s the uncertainty with our plans literally ‘up in the air’ – and this is how it has been  since we arrived in Boston! However we are grateful we didn’t have to ride out the storm in New York.  Tony had already booked our trip direct from NYC to Canada, but had we decided to do Canada later, we would have been in the eye of that terrible storm. We feel for those who have had a truly terrifying experience. We were lucky and we are thankful we are together and safe.


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1 Response to In Toronto on the way to Halifax – finally!!!

  1. Karen Baddiley says:

    So glad you have finally made it out of Boston. I have felt so badly for your hassles (especially with Saturday looming!!!). You seem to be in good spirits though which is great and I am so glad too that you and Tony were not in New York during this terrible storm. Lots of love and best wishes for an enjoyable time with your friends in Canada and much love for a great day for you on Saturday. xxx Karen

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