In our New York apartment

We have finally made it to our New York apartment and it is a breath of fresh air – quite literally.  After living in hotel rooms and airports over the past week it is so nice to actually breathe the air and not the air conditioning. This very quaint apartment in the Chelsea district is filled with eclectic and quite stunning bits and pieces by its owner, the delightful Lawrence and is a place we can finally kick up and relax in. We couldn’t get in earlier because this area had lost power because of hurricane Sandy (she has sooo much to answer for).  Power was restored on Sunday but because of prior commitments (namely the basketball) we left it till today to move in. We are both so pleased to be here.

Just as an aside, felt a little guilty that Lawrence had to carry my (Ingrid’s) case up two flights of stairs, especially with the muscles I have developed at the gym but he offered and I accepted.

Our new digs …


About Ingrid Harrison

Professional communicator. Coffee addict. Love travelling.
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